Motorist Warranty Cover
12-36 months
Mechanical breakdown
Legal assistance
MOT test cover
Optional roadside


Before buying a car - especially a prestige marque - it pays to check the warranty position carefully. The vehicle may have cover from the manufacturer. When does it expire? A dealer may offer an extended warranty from an independent provider.
How comprehensive is it? A private vendor may offer no warranty protection at all.

The fact is, warranty sales represent valuable profits for dealers. All too often the level of cover is poor and the policy pricing is uncompetitive.

Our Carfinance4less Motorist warranties are best of breed policies. Our experts have scrutinised the cover and conditions: we know we're providing the protection and value you expect. Here's why:

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: Failure of Mechanical and    Electrical components including labour.

Roadside assistance: Recovery of the vehicle and up to five    passengers in the event of an accident or breakdown, (this includes    breakdowns which are not covered by the mechanical breakdown    insurance policy). Personal cover for you even when you are    travelling in other vehicles as a passenger (so you are covered, not    the car). 24 hour helpline in the event of an emergency.

Accident legal assistance: up to £50,000 of legal costs if your    vehicle is involved in an accident which is not your fault.

MOT test insurance: Covers the cost of the work necessary to    rectify faults that cause your vehicle to fail an MOT test, subject to    the limit in the policy document

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